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Published a story called “Charles Manson” in the great Manchester Review.

godard airsteam

Piece I wrote for film site, Trailers From Hell

Piece for Greek Journal


Mannerist story at Drunken Boat, June 14, 2013

This story from Scott Garson’s Wigleaf Magazine won a Pushcart Prize and will be included in the Pushcart 2013 Anthology. I’ve appeared in Pushcart before and admire the great Bill Henderson, but this story, I am told, is only the second from an on-line only magazine to win. Can that be?

I See Men Like Trees, Walking
James Robison

A poem from Thrush Poetry Journal. This about snow and suicide. And a dog. And cold. It’s a cheer-pill of a text.


A nice hardcopy magazine, Thumbnail, took a prose poem and about 40 drawings I did and asked for permission to maybe, maybe use the drawings as cover art or in ads or whatever–maybe. Of course. That would be a great thing.
July 15–the online issue came out. About 6 drawings used so far.The hard copy due December 2012.

First Day of Summer, 2012. Two Poems about Miss Sorell, from the Methodist Children’s Home, or “Orphanage,” accepted by Fiona Sinclair at Message In A Bottle, a Brit-based poetry magazine.

Innisfree Poetry Review took two poems, yet again about Miss Sorell and The Home. The poems rhyme. July 10, 2012

July 15, 2012
A literary magazine from Hawaii, Paradise Review, took a rhyming heterometrical poem about–who else?–Alina Sorell and her flight from Moscow and days in the orphanage. “I like Ste. Agnes/ who loved the lamb/
I’m called Alina/But that’s not who I am/The name was a drunken priest’s suggestion”/She’s descended from air and questions./ Poem called Summer 1963. Odd-submitted, accepted same day.

The Manchester Review took a story I love, “Watergate.” The Review is a far better place to go for poetry and fiction than The New Yorker. I’m proud that I will have had three long stories there.

Danse Macabre
magazine printed a story I wrote about Armenian Russians set in Erie.!__dm-59-notturno/fictions/vstc13=mesmerist

Danse Macabre | DM 59 Notturno

July 17, a short story was taken by The Philadelphia Review of Books. Story about wild kids. “Mummy Scummy.”

July 19, A poem called Early 1960 was accepted at The Toronto Quarterly

“HELENA,” a story I love, was taken by Barret Warner for His Book July, 26 2012

Three Greek translations of poems of mine were published Aug 22, 2012

Greek Translation

Same day-I got a glimpse of my two poems appearing in September Innisfree. Nice.

And now..First day of Fall 2012, two poems appear in 2RView Magazine…Aw, me. Life’s is a great daffy thing, innit?

Sept 19, 2012 Drunken Boat took a long and wildly inspired story that’s so good it scalds the lungs, and is called “Imagination is An Hysteric of History”

Here is that cool story, “Watergate,” in Issue 9 of The Manchester Review

Nice to be in here

A crazed poem, a self-destroying villanelle that turns on itself and lapses into abusive lingo and then attempts to win back the reader by addressing the beauty of children and oceans and their shared temporary permanent beauty, called THING was taken by Sonnet Maden for The Enchanting Verses Literary Review © 2012 ISSN 0974-3057 Published from Kolkata, India. Printed from Allahabad, India. International Collaborative Partner: Stremež Literary magazine (1952), supported by the Ministry of culture of the Republic of Macedonia and is published by National Institution – Cultural Centre “A Marko Cepenkov” – Prilep.

Also a favorite story of mine, “Serien,”was taken for a print copy mag called NNN Virogray Literary Press

January 2013

March 2013 An obnoxious whinge with a name I have forgotten took the stuff below and published it and then wanted to sell it on Amazon and I axed this twig, I says, I go, “Um, Button, is there an accounting?” For every recording angel demands an accunting when the sun sets. The usual furor and venom and he calls me asshole, fucker, diva, high school girl. Yes. These are his insults. So I do not care but I must say that I have the only copy of this magazine, I think, except for diarrhea boy and his chinless co-habitee.

I have a poem in here and did the art for the cover.

New Story in The Green Mountains Review



New poem due March 15, 2013 in “The View From Here” literary magazine,curated by Kate Brown, who is an English film director living in Berlin with her gifted nine-year-old daughter, Nola.